Sunday, October 18, 2015


Ever since Silky and I moved to the lovely and desperate City of Sin, we have met some down in the... I mean, down TO... earth personalities. Take this fellow, for instance... this is just one example of an upstanding human... or, he used to be... that we've stumbled upon and has now become one of the main cast. Of course, he doesn't look like this now... nor do we call him Horatio (gag)... we call him CAMEO! Much better, don'tcha think?

Monday, June 15, 2015

Art Hern: The Early Years Before TV's First Horror Host Character

This vintage publicity photograph from March 24, 1947 was taken inside Chicago's WGN radio station. The shorter, happy-go-lucky chap standing behind the microphone, is none other than Art Hern! During this period, Hern was a member of the cast for the popular radio program Captain Midnight. A few years later, Hern would portray television's first horror host character - the Swami, Drana Badour!

The ominous Swami appeared on a local television station program in Chicago, called Murder Before Midnight (1950-1953). For most of its run on WBKB (Channel 4), the half-hour show serialized the films throughout the week.

Art Hern was actually the second person to portray the Swami Drana Badour. A television announcer, named Allen Harvey, originated the role.