Monday, March 24, 2014

Cuento de Navidad (2005)

CUENTO DE NAVIDAD (a.k.a. A Christmas Tale; X-Mas Tale) 
"You've been a bad kid"

 Estudios Picasso; Spain; 2005
Producers: Alvaro Augustin, Julio Fernandez
Director: Paco Plaza
Script: Luiso Berdejo
Cast: Maru Valdivielso (Rebeca), Christian Casas (Koldo),
Roger Babià (Peti), Pau Poch (Tito), Daniel Casadellà (Eugenio),
Ivana Baquero (Moni), Elsa Pataky (Ekran), José Torija (Charles)

Five 12-year-old friends stumble upon a dangerous female criminal in a Santa suit who has fallen into a deep hole in the middle of the woods. Anxious to get their hands on the 2 million dollars she has stolen, the kids decide to keep her captive and starve her out until she hands over the money. Inspired by a cheesy horror film they've recently watched, two mischievous boys from the group perform a voodoo ritual in hopes of turning their prisoner into a zombie. When, to their horror, the stranger escapes and hunts them down with an axe, the kids believe she is one of the undead out for revenge.

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